Can this Scrawny Kid Really Teach You How to Get Bigger?


In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality … just a little

...but enough for you to learn exactly what you’re capable of. Right now.

I’m going to show you how anyone can get bigger. But I’m also going to show you how afterwards you’ll be able to get anything you want.

You don’t need supplements, you don’t need drugs and you don’t need to have “good” genetics.

Any guy, just like you can start gaining 1 lb of muscle per week right now… 

Just think how you could have changed your body 6 weeks from NOW.

So, you’re 125 lbs now? What would you look like with 6 extra pounds on you?

Imagine the power coursing through your veins. Imagine feeling the respect from others.

That should already have begun your “reframing”.

Here’s something else to think about…

Does that scrawny little kid up there look familiar?

That kid, in 1962 in Thal, Austria decided on a goal. He was going to become HUGE.

By the time, he was done would have 22” arms, a 57” chest and so much self-confidence it became his trade mark.

First, he didn’t know how. All he had was his goal and belief.

...worse still, in 1962 virtually no one knew a single thing about building that kind of muscle. He couldn’t type his questions into Google. He definitely didn’t have drugs like HGH...

He would lift literally anything, tree trunks, rocks, his friends. Nothing would stand in the way of his goal, his mission.

And do you know what that kid achieved, on his own?



That right there, is Arnold Schwarzenegger, roughly age 18 (and on the right, around age 28)

From there Arnold put all that he’d learnt to good use, working under his mentor Joe Weider (there’s a lesson there I’ll share later) he became the greatest bodybuilder in history.

I think for most people their perceptions of how attainable their perfect body is – is way out of whack.

Yes, obviously (like every other competitor) I’m sure Arnold used drugs later in his career. And you should not do that.

But, think about it…

…do you even need to achieve 10% of what that kid did in 1962 to completely transform yourself?

My point isn’t to show you how to get a 57” chest. My point is to change your perception of what is possible, and then teach you the exact system you need to achieve it.

Your 57” chest goal might be just wanting to be taken more seriously, to not wake up feeling weak, or to have girls ask you if you’ve been working out. If you know what you want that’s a great starting point.

Below, I’m going to lay out the 4 simple steps you need to gain 1 lb per week.

These simple steps can allow you to eventually get as big as Arnold.

Or if your goal is simply to add one whole stone of muscle, achieve that in 3 months.

Let’s get going.

4 Steps to Gain 6lbs of Muscle in 6 Weeks

Most guys in your position are either doing nothing about their problems, or working endlessly on methods that will simply never work for them. Why?

Because they don’t believe anything else is possible and they’ve been programmed to think hard work = success. That might be true if you’re digging a hole.

Oh, you do need to work (turn around right now if you want this overnight).

But when you’re working on something as insanely complicated as the human body - you need to know what will work, otherwise you could end up spinning your wheels forever.

Here are the 4 steps:

Mass Process Roadmap

Which of those 4 steps do you think is most important? Really think, I’ll wait




Got it? I bet like 99% of guys, you’re wrong. The most crucial step is getting the RIGHT DIET.

I’m not saying your mindset and the actual lifting aren’t important, oh they are:

- if you don’t get those right too you’ll never get anywhere

The thing is, most people have such massive misunderstandings on diet (mostly created by supplement companies) that what they eat, and don’t eat is often the number 1 reason guys get nowhere.

90% of Failures are Down to This One Step

I’m not going to mess around here:

You. Need. To. Eat. More.

It doesn’t matter how much you lift, how much effort you put in – if you’re not eating enough then you will not gain weight – ever.

What’s that I hear you say? You’re already eating plenty? I promise you, you’re not. Skinny guys tend to overestimate what they eat.

How do I know?

Because it’s exactly the same problem that I had when I started out. Just like you, I worked my ass off and got nowhere for over a year. But my results exploded when I learnt this single fact:

You need to measure to know where you are

A lot of “experts” make this incredibly complicated… (to justify their existence). For example, they suggest you track everything you eat and the time you ate it - then total up all of your calories, and macro nutrients!

This is crazy! Guys start out with good intentions but this crap quickly gets old (even if you are using their fancy new app…)

Anyway, rant over (promise):

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a simple way to find out how much you have to eat:

Your body loves to stay the same as it is now (it’s called “homeostasis”). This means we can just ask your body how many calories you need to keep you at the weight you’re at now.

Because if you were eating enough now you would be gaining weight.

And here's how to do it:

Step 1: Eat normally and work out how many calories you eat over the next two days (you could use an app like myfitnesspal for this, it’s completely free btw).

Step 2: Add 500 calories to that number and that’s what you need to be eating to start gaining.

There you go. Just make sure that whatever food you add to your diet adds up to 500 calories – simple.

There’s a really easy way to do this that I share with all my subscribers.

All that being said, there’s one simple thing you need to know:

There’s one difference between guys who will get the body they want and those who won’t:

Guys who’ll get the body will take action and actually do the above, starting now.

I know what you’re thinking:

“oh that sounds like a good idea, maybe I’ll do that one day”. Just. Actually. Do. It (no Nike advert intended)

It will be the difference between that girl you like asking if you’ve been working out… and seeing her walk past with that guy who’s naturally big.

There are many other things you need to learn before you can start gaining 1lb of muscle a week. Many.

I don’t want to risk overloading you at this stage though – I want you to take action right now. Not just sit here reading, performing some sort of shit vicarious action.


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Just saying.